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Kristen E Guest, MDiv, LMSW - of Keep Efficiently Growing, LLC, is a fighter and is answering a call. In the midst of many difficult storms in life, she was able to obtain two Master Degrees in NYC - An M.Div. and an M.S.S.W from Columbia University. As a licensed social worker/ therapist by profession - working towards her clinical license -, she has also added Joy Coach and Speaker/Facilitator to her titles and list of activities. Why? Because Kristen knows a thing or two about Joy. Not just how to seek and journey towards it, but also how hard it can be to achieve in the midst of physical, mental, and emotional pain and struggle. 

From a young age, Kristen has lived with, and battled against, a debilitating autoimmune illness, leaving her many times without the ability - or will - to get out of bed. With her faith, and a deep propensity to get to a place where she could support others in their journeys, Kristen has made it her mission to come out the other side; as always, a work in progress. Not only this, her ultimate goal in life is to serve in a way that empowers others to activate joy for themselves. Kristen takes her mission seriously and carries it wherever she goes.

Before becoming a psychotherapist as she serves others now, Kristen served clients in shelter living without spaces of their own. This has increased her empathy and compassion all the more, and her desire to reach as many hearts as possible that truly believe in the necessity and power of self-love and growth. This has also been her awakening to what she was meant to do: serve others by helping them to access their joy and release pain.

Wellness services of all kind are indeed a calling, and Kristen feels led to do for those who may be a bit stagnant in their lives, careers, and even family systems, to focus more on the issue at hand, at which point they can figure out what success means to them and achieve it wholeheartedly.


Keep Efficiently Growing, LLC

Started by Kristen, an LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker) and Mental Health Professional, KEG LLC is a special company surrounding the joy Kristen has made it her mission in life to not only pass on to others, but to teach how to activate in order to thrive. It starts with the belief in the inherent worth of people, and in leveraging the restorative power of joy manifested and activated in one’s life. Additionally held is the belief in the transforming power of love. Powered mainly by Kristen, who has the goal to serve her clients and community with compassion and understanding (and so much love and joy!), KEG LLC provides a wide range of services (consulting, therapy, coaching, speaking, facilitation) that all put joy and the good character within the empowered individual/community/world at the forefront of a reach towards productivity and success - however such may be defined by each individual. Love is not for the faint of heart usually, but it is also not simply for those who were born into our blood family. With love, and more, we activate the joy that is so incredibly important to have in order to uphold values and create a journey of life that is filled with bountiful blessings. KEG LLC assists in the self-empowerment of its clients, team, and community to envelope their hearts in activated joy, using the guided principles as value points to tap into a life of flow, successful goal development and attainment, and smiling, loving faces.


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